Card Basics

Card Basics ~~ One 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of card stock will make a base for 2 cards. Cut it at 4 1/4 portrait and score at 5 1/2. Or for landscape cut at 5 1/2 and score at 4 1/4.

Here is a list of some of my favorite tools: BIG SHOT die cutting machine ~ Grid paper ~~ Stampin' UP! Stampin Trimmer (cutting and scoring) ~Bone Folder - this little tool is a MUST! ~Multipurpose Liquid Glue ~ Glue Dots ~ Stampin' Dimensionals, Score tape, Stickles. BLING, BLING AND MORE BLING.... If it sparkles, I love it!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Did I tell you?

I have earned the position of   Senior Supervisor!!! YAY!!   I'm so happy!

When I started with Stampin' Up!  I told my upline... "really, I just want to do this part-time, and see if I can make my first quarter goal."  I really didn't think I would do it. BUT much to my amazement - I did it! Whew!  I was worried.  I wanted to do this, but didn't know "if I could" do this.  Does that make sense?  I still worry about meeting goals. And  I just always thought I would have to "breathe, eat, sleep" Stampin' Up! to promote. But that wasn't the case.  I've had to put some work into it. But I did it!  I just started last October, so my year anniversary is coming up and I still get excited over sales or promotions and new products!  I've always been a crafter, but STAMPIN' is my thing!

I have some awesome family & friends and they have hung in there with me too! THANK YOU 

#1  GARY (aka Honey)  I love you & thank you for being so supportive of me. You have put up with dinner being late, or having to make it yourself, having to find something to do when the house has been commandeered for Stampin' Up!, and you critique my work with openness and honesty.  I'm so BLESSED that you're my husband!

#2   Sandi Grimes  - my upline - thank you for all the time you've given me in answering questions, giving me ideas on how to work my business, and just being there when I send a message saying "hey :)  have you got a minute?"  because we both know... it's going to be more than a minute!

Linda - my marketing director   ;)  2nd best critic, and partner in crime!
Diana - for being my bud, hanging with me on "those days" and signing up!
Teddy, Marge, Dee, Sue, Bea, Hullah, you guys are all my buds and AWESOME

Thank you for buying Stampin' Up! from me, and for coming to my classes and letting me share what I love with you!     HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!

Thank you to all my customers!  YOU ROCK!


  1. Yeah! Congratulations on your promo, but it doesn't mean I will be the cook around here! :)

  2. I love you honey!! Thank you for your love and support!!