Card Basics

Card Basics ~~ One 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of card stock will make a base for 2 cards. Cut it at 4 1/4 portrait and score at 5 1/2. Or for landscape cut at 5 1/2 and score at 4 1/4.

Here is a list of some of my favorite tools: BIG SHOT die cutting machine ~ Grid paper ~~ Stampin' UP! Stampin Trimmer (cutting and scoring) ~Bone Folder - this little tool is a MUST! ~Multipurpose Liquid Glue ~ Glue Dots ~ Stampin' Dimensionals, Score tape, Stickles. BLING, BLING AND MORE BLING.... If it sparkles, I love it!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 1 Getting there and being square!

Wow I'm so excited!!  I got to the hotel and in my room... looked out and there was the convention center.  The place that I will go to tomorrow and meet up with 6000 of my best Stampin' Up! friends!!   Well, in truth, I don't know every single one of them... but in Stampin' Up! we're all friends, some we just haven't met yet!   
Look at the sunset... just amazing!

     and here is my roomie.... my upline... SANDI GRIMES!!

Look at this beautiful "roomie" gift she made for me.  The large book is just for me to put info down in and keep track of my classes and ideas... yeah you're right... I'm taking names!!   But only as contacts for Stampin' Up!   It's a really cool book and the second smaller book is actually a calendar.  LOVE IT!!   These were just the best gifts ever!!  Thanks Sandi!!
Notice the "Queen" theme... Our group is called the Creative Queens!
Now I'm off to bed... I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow.  (trust me, I need all the beauty sleep I can get and then some!) There's lots of walking to do and so much to see!!!  I love Salt Lake City!
ZZZZZZzzzzzz zzz   zzz ZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz zzzzzz  zzzz    ZZ   zzzzzz
(please multiply by 2  - Sandi and I both were catching some zzzz's)
It's time to wake up.... "good morning to you!" "good morning to you!"
My son always hated it when I would sing that in the drove him nuts!!  (But what's a mom to do?  Isn't it OUR job to torment our children with singing silly songs?  ... did I miss a parenting memo?)  Maybe I missed the memo... but he's out on his own now, and I sure miss HIM!
We did get up and go find some food, coffee and have lunch with Emily and Pam.  We ate at the Tuscan Bistro. The food was delish!!
Then back to the room for a bit of relaxing, and wait ~ what time is it??  5:00????   It's time for our first general session to start!!!!!   And we're off to the convention center.. hearts pounding, excitement is like electricity - we're all tingly (well I am at least lol)  here is Sandi under the BE THE DIFFERENCE SIGN...

We are all headed into the very large room music is playing and all the Stampin' Up! employees greet us with high fives and tons of enthusiasm loud music playing and it's WONDERFUL!!!!!!
This is so cool!!   Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2013 Stampin' Up! Be The Difference Event will start in 5 minutes!   Then out comes Ryan Innes  (from the Voice) to sing this years theme song..
BE THE DIFFERENCE!    It was so cool!
Stampin' Up! theme songs are usually cool and uplifting.  I uploaded last years tune  "I AM" and sang it all the time... still do... it inspires me!
this is just a little photo of a fraction of the people there!!
Look who this is.....
Ronald McDonald!!!!   Stampin' Up! supports the Ronald McDonald foundation and Ronald was telling us stories and in one story he just broke down and cried... so did Shelli... and ok ... so did I...I couldn't help it though.  I mean who wouldn't cry if they saw Shelli crying and Ronald McDonald crying because he was telling such a sad story.... But The Ronald McDonald foundation does some really good things for children. I hope you drop some cash donations in the window of the drive throughs, and we support the Ronald McDonald foundation by making cards and donating them so that families that might not otherwise be able to, can send a card to someone and it's free of charge.
There is also a set of stamps in the book, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of that stamp goes to the Ronald McDonald foundation as well.
More to come... Thanks for stopping by!! Have a Blessed Day!


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